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Want to Start with Spark AR, but Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Need to Improve Your Spark AR Skills?

Want to See Some Case-Studies and Learn from Other’s Mistakes?

Want to get started with Spark AR but don’t know where to begin?

You may have a creative flair with design or you may looking for a new digital marketing campaign to WOW your clients inspire more projects to come. And with Spark AR it’s perfect platform for spreading your ideas, creativity and passion for creating unforgettable experiences online with Augmented Reality.

But you have a problem, and it’s the same problem every beginner creator, developer or digital marketer has — you don’t know what you don’t know.

And here’s the truth, what you don’t know can hurt you.

What you do know is that power of augmented reality (AR) has been put into the hands of all developers and creators and by now you’ve heard that over 1.5 BILLION people have been reached on Facebook & Instagram in the past year.

Now, it’s your time to get a piece of the Spark AR goodness.

Here are great resources to get you started on your Spark AR journey:

Facebook is giving more Instagram developers access to AR camera features - Goodbye, Camera Effects Platform. Hello, Spark AR. This article goes in all about how Facebook evolved this awesome platform last year.

Which is the best AR technology? - So, you’d like to take Augmented Reality for a test drive, eh? See if you like it or not before ponying up the bucks for a complete launched campaign? Here is reviewed the best Augmented Reality platforms. Here are the ones we would use in different situations.

AR will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform - Call it Mirrorworld - Piece by piece, virtual fragments are being stitched together to form a shared, persistent place that will parallel the real world. An interesting thought piece on the future of our digital selves.

Get Unique Face Filters by Following AR Creators on Instagram - Most of what’s published out there about finding Instagram Creators to follow is total BS. Use this guide to get honest, unbiased info when choosing the best creators to follow.

8 Brands Creating Custom Instagram Stories AR Filters - Ever wonder what other brands are doing? Here’s a great list of brands who have taken the leap with Spark AR for their marketing.

Quick Start Guide to Building Your Own Experiences on Spark AR - Straight from Facebook themselves. This simple tutorial will get you building in no time.

Create and Distribute New, Rich AR Experiences with Ease - Another quick rundown. This time on how to publish your effects on your Facebook page.

Testing on Your own Phone with Spark AR Player - Grab this handy app on the Google Play store to test on your own device.

Using Spark AR Studio for UX Design - Need to entice clients in your next pitch? This article explores how UX designers are using Spark AR to do quick mockups.

Need to Improve Your Spark AR Skills?

Here’s the thing:

Making an Augmented Reality experiences on Spark AR is creating.

The better a creator you are, the better a Augmented Reality developer and designer you’ll be. But how do you hone your skills so that people love playing with and sharing your work?

Start by studying these posts.

No matter how long you’ve been creating in Spark AR, you can improve. Here’s how:

How to design AR portals with Spark AR Studio - A easy to follow walkthrough by ARfected on how to build a portal.

Working with External Textures in Spark AR - Here is a 6 minute video tutorial walking you through how to use URL links to pull in external textures into your effects.

Spark AR Masterclass: AR and Education - Tom Goldsmith, Product Manager and Yash Sahay, Manager, Partner Engineering discuss the potential for augmented reality to have a positive impact on education. Learn the basics of AR as they demonstrate how to create a 3D version of the solar system in this 50 minute Masterclass by Facebook Developers.

Javascript and Augmented Reality 101 - Build AR Studio Camera Effects Tutorial - In this tutorial, Javascript meets Augmented Reality for the win! Prior Javascript knowledge makes building camera effects and filters for AR Studio a breeze. We walk through: Javascript set up in AR Studio, tracking facial features, responding to facial gestures, and creating animated particle effects.

Spark AR Masterclass: AR and Gaming - In this class, you'll learn how to create a simple AR social game that takes face tracking to the next level. Watch Edgar Neto, Partner Engineer and Matt Roberts, Product Manager demonstrate how Spark AR Studio can be used to build social games for augmented reality.

Spark AR Masterclass: AR and Publishing & Optimization - Learn how to take the AR effects you’ve built and share them with the world! Elise Xu, Product Manager and Andy Davis, Technical Artist explain the importance of optimizing your effect file and take you through the step-by-step process of publishing your effect.

Spark AR - Layers and Emitters - A guide on how to create a particle effect with layers using AR Spark Studio.

Instagram Effect Breakdown ("Automaton") - In this video, the master Luke Hurd shares working on one of his popular Instagram effects - Automaton - and shows you how the entire effect works from the facemesh texturing, to layering, to lighting, and finally to #scripting.

Creating Portals in Spark AR | Poplar Webinar - Adrien, of Poplar, talks about everything needed to create inspiring portals in Spark AR.

Plane Tracking in Spark AR - A quick overview and guide on how to get started with Plane based tracking in Spark AR.

Face Deformation in Spark AR - Probably the fastest tutorial out there on How to deform face in SparkAr studio (and SculptGL).

How to build a Camera Effect Marker Tracking - Great tutorial by Favbio B. AKA Piotar Boa sharing how to build a Camera effect using Facebook AR Studio.

Augmented Reality Examples Ideas and Inspirations Spark AR Studio - In Chinese but gives you an idea of the possibilities with Spark AR.

Body Segmentation with SparkAr Studio - Francesco Laterza shares how to remove background and modify opacity via script (Javascript) in this 6 minute video tutorial.

Ar Studio Neck Bending Tutorial - Quick tutorial on how to work with bones in Spark AR.

Facebook Spark AR HDRI Environment / Glass Shader Tutorial - In this quick walkthrough, you will see how to set up the new beautiful Spark AR PBR HDR Environments and how to use them with the Glass Shader.

Want to See Some Case-Studies and Learn from Other’s Mistakes?

Here’s what we know.

Building a successful campaign doesn’t just happen by chance with inexperienced marketers.

If you want to see how it’s done, you’re in the right place.

Here are some case studies of Augmented Reality done right with Facebook.

The Dallas Mavericks Build The Largest AR Installation Using Facebook's Spark AR Studio - Pretty phenomenal installation especially with Facebook's requirement of keeping the file size under 2MB for their photo filters!

First Restaurant Chain in Australia to Use Augmented Reality to Bring in a Younger Customer Base - Check out how Taco Bill used a game called “Eat the Taco” paired with a Chatbot to bring in new customers. They doubled their website traffic on the first day and had over $7,000 in sales over the first weekend tracked by the game.

Check Out the Facebook AR Filter Ad Funnel for an Automotive Brand - We went in with a question, “Can we get people to come in and test drive a car after they play with a digital one?” The answer is, TOTALLY! Here’s how you can do the exact same thing.

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