1. We do some innovative engagement campaigns like branded viral gifs & chat competitions. If you can't handle our crazy ideas, diving into emotions & reactions of human beings, we are probably not a good fit. 

2. We can't guarantee results. We know we do get results, if anyone tells you they can guarantee results in this space they are full of it and you should just hang up the phone. 

3. If you're just exploring ideas, we wouldn't be a right fit. We work with serious people, we like to move fast. If that's not you, take your time to shop around with people who need your business to stay afloat. 

4. If you are not a good listener or implementer, we can't give you the results. As an agency, we need to make sure our clients are 100% up to Data Protection Laws around the globe. Facebook and LinkedIn change policies every single day! When we need something fixed so that your accounts don't get shut down, we need to do that as fast as humanly possible. If we can't do that because you do not provide us with what we need, you put our Agency at risk, all of our awesome clients at risk, and we can't have any of that. 

5. If you want a quick fix, we can't help. We're not a magical a drug that covers up symptoms of a struggling business. Look, we want to grow with you. That means getting our hands dirty and essentially building your business, that isn't done in a month or two.

So, if you're still interested in working together after all that and you wouldn't want to work with people like that either, then, schedule a FB Ad Strategy consultation below.